Photo suggestions and F.A.Qs

What part of the picture should I put the focus on?

Tilt-shift miniatures often have the focus of the photo somewhere in the middle or lower-middle part of the picture.

This usually gives good results, and is a useful place to start with, however the focus can also be made at the very top or bottom or the picture depending on the effect required.

Can you suggest some photos to use?

Do you have photos of scenes from your local area?

Impress your friends by showing them pictures of your newly-built model of the town center, or local park :-)

I want to take new photos especially to make into miniatures, what should I do?

Going out with a camera to take specific types of photos can be enjoyable and rewarding.

If you want to take shots for the purpose of making into tilt-shift miniatures later, you can start thinking about which locations might look good as "fake" miniatures.

In order to get depth into the photos, it can sometimes be useful to take photos from the upstairs floors of buildings, looking down at scenes below. Alternatively, ground level shots of sloping scenes can provide the necessary depth in the photo. Clear daylight shots of distinct objects may work best, but there are no limits to experimentation..

I still need more ideas!

Check out the photos in the Flickr group, photo gallery and the featured photos on the editing page for inspiration.