This is TiltShiftMaker version 2.1a.

At the core of the tilt-shift photo processing is a custom written, efficient lens blur technique that simulates the shallow depth of field produced by macro photography shots.

TiltShiftMaker uses an all-Javascript interface so is perfect for use on lower powered devices such as Chromebooks, netbooks and tablets- even with very large images. Because images are processed remotely on our server hardware, you still get high-quality, workstation grade results.


Maximum image download resolution for members was increased to 8000 pixels on the longest side (typically up to 42 Megapixel images).

Maximum image upload filesize was increased from 20MB to 50MB.

TiltShiftMaker interface has been re-written to use HTML5 features - the main slider controls should be more responsive, especially on older computers. Note that TiltShiftMaker now requires IE9 or a later browser.

The editing page is now also touchscreen friendly - touch support should work on iPads, Android tablets, Windows 8/10 touchscreen laptops etc.

It should also work on smartphones, however the controls may not be big enough to be comfortably used. For Windows touchscreen support, you'll need to use a browser such as IE Edge, Chrome or Firefox.

Also added is a new "Show Original" button (on the top-left beside the horizontal and vertical focus mode buttons). Holding/pressing down this button temporarily displays your original uploaded image for comparison.

The file upload functionality has been modernised and a progress bar was added, as well as a "cancel upload" button.

Added vertical focus mode.

Added support for .PNG file uploads. Downloads remain in .JPG format regardless of upload format.

Fixed problem with the slider controls clashing with some Google Chrome extensions. The sliders should now work fine with the vast majority of Chrome extensions.

Photos taken with Portrait orientation are now automatically rotated after uploading based on EXIF data. This means that you don't need to rotate images by 90 degrees before uploading if you're using a reasonably new camera or phone.

Thanks to Christian Jensen for this suggestion

The "Select size" button on the editing page has been renamed "Download". The functionality remains the same - press the button to get a download link for the selected photo size when you're happy with the preview.

Major updates:

New Large preview mode - displays a single large window which shows the edited image.
Standard preview is now called "compact" mode - the size of this preview has also been increased.

New "Bokeh Boost" processing replaces the old "Enhance Bokeh" control. This has been completely rewritten from the ground up to enable you to produce some really cool effects.

Bokeh shapes are now Bokeh Styles. These are in 3 categories, with 18 styles available in each category (for members). Bokeh styles cover the range from lens-like styles to abstract shapes, to motifs and symbols.

New membership option replaces old credit code system. Due to better code efficiency in this release, we can now offer unlimited hi-res downloads to paid members. Credit code users can still use their credit codes, or alternatively they can be converted to a membership account here.

Other changes:

Editing page was redesigned to be more streamlined and have neutral grey borders to reduce screen glare. Flickr group photos are now also displayed on the editing page, along with twitter and external tilt-shift photo related blog updates and links.

The maximum range of the "Focus size" slider has been increased. This means that you can have more of the photo in focus if you wish.

A bokeh effects page was added to show some examples of using different bokeh styles and settings on a number of photos.

Hi-res downloads - Supports up to 21Mpix resolution images (up to 5700 pixels on longest side).
Bokeh Shapes - Select from 8 different aperture or bokeh shapes.
Increased preview image viewport size.
Enhance bokeh banding bug fixed.
Image file upload limits increased to 8000x8000, 20MB.

Added Advanced Controls: Defocus strength, Defocus gradient, Enhance Bokeh.
EXIF data now preseved in output file.

Initial release. Supports downloads up to 1920 pixels.

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