Suggestions for choosing a photo

It can sometimes be challenging to find a photo that works well with the tilt-shift effect.
However, there are just two short rules which you can use to help select the right photos.

Here they are:

1. Scene

Is the photo of a scene in the distance, or a close-up shot?

Photos of scenes work much better. Close-up shots of one or more subjects rarely work well.

2. Depth

Does the photo have a good balance of both near and far areas in it?

The bottom of the photo should be that part of the scene nearest the camera.

As you move towards the top of the photo, the distance of objects in the photo should gradually become further away.

For this reason, photos taken looking down at an angle to a scene often make good tilt-shift miniatures, because they have a good mix of objects at different distances. We want to give the illusion of focusing the camera at a very specific distance, so having good depth in the photo is important.

Let's try it out with some examples.

The following photos don't work so well with a tilt-shift effect -


Dog with Santa hat picture
A single portrait style shot is not a scene.

Front of House

House front picture
The house front is not really a scene, and has no depth to it.


Kittens picture
The photo is a close-up shot and has little depth to it.

Boats in Harbour #1

Boats in Harbour #1 picture
The photo is of a scene, but does not have enough depth to it -
all of the boats are at a similar distance to each other.

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